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Thursday, December 13, 2007

anyone using Celcom Broadband?

Anyone in Malaysia using Celcom broadband? I heard some friends are using Celcom broadband and the service quite good compared with streamyx 1Mbps and Maxis broadband.

But yesterday I just went over to celcom brand office to ask about the service.. Wow! It was shocked. The subscription fee is only RM68/m for 385kbps speed but you can pay for RM98/m for speed up to 3.5Mbps.. but those just for download only. I tried to ask some information about uploading speed.. but the girl can't answer my question.. seems like the girl don't know what is called upload.

OK! The service fees is not so expensive.. and acceptable. but what is shock yet. you need to buy the wireless USB modem. (Cost RM899 per piece).. a bit expensive. so I have to forget about it for the moment. so sad..


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