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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Looking for small hob for my new kitchen

It was a day of stress.. I was rushing here and there looking for a small hob that can fit my kitchen. The best and only I can find so far is the ELBA EDH-3100 and EDH-3200 which come with single and double burner. Due to my kitchen space constraint, I have end up with these 2 small kitchen hob. Each hob just about 11.5" width. Each you buy a 2 burner built-in hob like Electrolux, the standard width is 33 - 34", some others brand is around 29" width.

So if I combined these 2 small hob together, I just took around 11.5"x2 = 23"... see.. same up some place.. so I can more space for my kitchen.. May be you got better idea can share with me.


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