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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Order your Pizza Online!!

Wow! Yesterday I saw the Star newspaper: "Order your Pizza online at". The first ever impressive online advertising by Pizza hut. Thats great right? But when I go to click the pizzahut online, it tooks about more than 2 minutes to load the site. I wonder what kind of slow server hosting they are putting in. Why load so slow?

Order pizza online sure give a big boost income to PizzaHut group but something just come into my mind. Is it gonna be effective? Recently I just buy online ticket for GSC cinema, and it looks effectively. When I going to ask some of my friends about buying movie ticket online, they afraid their credit card will be fraudly use and also not confidence in that. Oh no, this is 21st century, everything is going to e-commerce .. so we have to accept it right?

Has anyone order pizza online before? What is their promise if pizzahut cannot deliver their pizza in certain amount of time? Let me go to try out next time..


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