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Friday, February 1, 2008

Classified Connection Review

I just came thru a niche marketing technique by submitting your website ad to multiple classified ad for free. What i have found so far, the Classified Connection. You will be able to submit up to 3000 classified ad automatically with just a help of this software.

So far I still didn't get a point that whether this service will give a good sales boost to my niche website. Looking for the Internet to get some reviews on this software. Instead of finding the review on the net, we can get some good reviews on the website itself.

Of course the owner of this software creation putting a lot of testimonials about his software, and the selling price is at $149.95, provided free lifetime upgrade and database upgrade.

Is this a good money to invest on marketing side? Still can't get the answer yet. For me, as I am still considering the software and looking forward to have one.

Just imagine if you can make a sales on every 100 classified ads, example $10 for one sales, you will earn around $10 x 30 (3K classified ads) = $300.. nice money! Should give a go.. if you would like to invest one.

You can get more details about the software here.

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