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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Internet down or I am down?

Gosh.. its been 3 days consistently.. I am down ... server or machine? No.. is me myself. I am down with sickness. How do you work while not feeling well? Of course I can but can't perform 100% in effort.

How good if can generate some auto cash money from Internet while resting from sickness at home. Like me? I don't have income if I didn't go to work. What a life!

So struggle to make an ends meet while doing a J.O.B from 8-5. Building own business is really tough. Guys, what do you think? Any good advice?


Friday, October 26, 2007

My first very own blog...?

My first ever first blog?
DO you rather believe it?
Yap... I have created few blogs before that those are not talking about myself but
this blog I am going to create everything about myself in Internet world..

I am a passionate guy about Internet. I love surfing... using Internet to look for updated info.. especially making money stuff...

I think everyone in this world also crazy about money..
just like other people say.. money is not everything.. but how about without money?
haha...What do you think? May be you can input your comment here!

Have FUN, Bro!